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Diet for pre diabetics – Pre Diabetes Diet:

Pre diabetes diet: One of the most important things that need to be looked after when it comes to diabetes is the diet adjustment that is needed. It is the most important part of the lifestyle modification required for better control of the blood glucose levels of diabetes patients. A healthy pre diabetes diet is not only important for the management of diabetes but also for the prevention of diabetes. Weight loss can be accomplished by cutting down on different fattening foods. This article will discuss the importance of a healthy diet, the diet required to be followed in diabetes as well as which foods you should eat to prevent diabetes.

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Diet for diabetes

Basics you need to know:

Okay, so you know you have diabetes and you know you have to lose weight, what do you do? That’s obvious; you start exercising and adjust your diet. These tips will help you cut down on foods that increase weight:

  • Cut down on fast foods. Do not eat deep fried food as that is one thing that just makes you gain weight regardless of the good taste.
  • Cut down on potatoes, they are full of carbohydrates and excess carbohydrates just get stored in the body and add to the total body weight.
  • Eat more vegetables and fruits.
  • Take in more fluids, but cut down on sugary drinks and colas.

The Specific changes that need to made:

Losing weight has to be gradual. One should not starve in order to lose weight as that will just aggravate a diabetic patient’s conditions. Not all body fat has to be shed as some quantity of fat is necessary for the body to function normally. People who have fat distribution around their abdomen are at a higher risk of developing diabetes and the complicated symptoms associated with it. “Apple type” weight distribution is usually present in males while females normally have pear shaped weight distribution.

In apple type fat distribution the presence of excess fat around the abdomen effects the production and function of insulin. This puts obese people at the highest risk of developing insulin function resistance. If a woman has a waist of more than 35 inches and a man a waist of 40 inches or more they are at a very high risk of developing diabetes type 2. As soon as you become aware of your increased body weight, be sure to measure your waist and then plan your pre diabetic diet accordingly.

No complicated diets are actually necessary when you analyze the diet requirements one needs if you suffer from diabetes. The diet should have a lot of nutrient, decreased fat and an adequate amount of calories. In general it is simply a healthy diet for anyone out there. You do not need to cut down on all kinds of sugar; you just have to have portion control and not overdo it. This way you can have your favorite treats once in a while without putting yourself at any kind of risk.

Do not overdo do it when it comes to protein. You should not leave sugar entirely and switch to animal protein because this has been seen to lead to insulin resistance which in turn results in insulin resistance. There has to be a balance between carbohydrates, fats and proteins.

Carbohydrates are fine and should be an essential part of a healthy diet for diabetics. Diabetics need their carbs just like anyone else and cutting down on carbohydrates will do no good. Taking a moderate amount of carbohydrates helps keep the energy level of the body at the normal baseline.

There is no such thing as a specialized diet plan for diabetics to lose weight. Anyone who is overweight has to take the same type of diet that a nutritionist will suggest in order for the person to lose the extra fat.

Fiber-both beneficial and fulfilling:

Instead of eating regular foods go for their high fiber containing alternatives. For example: instead of eating plain old white rice go for brown rice, instead of the usual white bread go for brown bread which is higher in fiber and pretty much have the same taste. Go for whole grains and whole nuts. Eat a bowl of whole grain cereal on a daily basis for breakfast. Everybody loves pasta and having whole wheat pasta will leave you guilt free when it comes to your diet.

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